Keep the “Hospital exemption in Europe” that allows stem cell therapy

STEMSOFor the last few years the U.S. FDA has been giving hints that it wants to become a “global” agency. The title of this conference leaves no doubt as to their intentions:
Cell Therapy Regulations Around the World: The FDA Initiative.

The FDA has already shut down access to stem cell therapy in the U.S. by declaring our own stem cells are drugs, subject to FDA regulation.

Now patients in Europe face the same threat. Currently hospitals in Europe can offer stem cell therapy under the “Hospital Exemption” and are thus exempt from drug regulations. Hospitals can do this for about $10,000, while drug companies would like to offer this at a cost of $50,000 or more.

Click HERE for a letter to use as a guide. Put it on your own letterhead or send as email, to KEEP the “Hospital exemption in Europe” that allows stem cell therapy.

Some Email contacts are provided for European Medicines Agency and Partner Organizations. Also send this reminder to your EU political representatives. This list of EMA Partner Organizations are patient advocacy groups that may be able assist and have the most influence in maintaining the EU Hospital Exemption.

This Draft letter was written by STEMSO, The International Stem Cell Society, an international non-profit dedicated to advocacy and public awareness for the advancement of the adult stem cell industry.

Please forward and share this message with anyone you know in Europe.